Esteban Fernandez, President
Esteban Fernandez

Dear Friends:

Having reached and celebrated the Fiftieth Anniversary of our glorious Círculo Güinero de Los Ángeles, I feel more proud every day, to be a member of this organization.

And above all, very happy to have been elected again, as President of the institution together with a formidable Board of Directors which guarantees only one thing: That we will remain faithful to the principles that brought us into exile, unchangeable defenders to the cause of Cuba´s liberation.

When would this be? I don't have the slightest idea. The only thing I know is that it will happen someday and at that sublime moment, the sacred funds of our institution will serve to put our small grain of sand into the reconstruction of our beloved and never forgotten small homeland. To all anti-Castroist Güineros, a hug.


Esteban Fernandez
President, Círculo Güinero de Los Ángeles

Translated by the Staff of Círculo Güinero de Los Ángeles


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